Sunday, June 24, 2012


英:【天下公民是一家朱承志回家 各位网友关注失去自由的朱承志60花甲老人,践他的公民利,常年奔波在祖国各地,失去自由、身陷困境的公民呼吁。如今,他因关注他人而失去自由,我~~朱承志回家!

Wu Huaying: World citizens we are members of the same family! Let us help Zhu Chengzhi to return home! I am urging all netizens to show your concern for Zhu Chengzhi who has lost his freedom. This 60 years old civil rights advocate spends most of his time away from home. He travels all over the country to help those who have lost their freedom and are in distress. This time, he loses his own freedom in the course of helping others. It is our turn to call out for him. Let us help him to return home to his family!

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